18 Januari 2012

I'm Looking For You

It was a shiny twilight
I sat on the bench and looked up to the orange sky
There were a random clouds moved up
Made an abstract object, and i couldn't stop smiling at that time.

I'm looking for you

in the crowded, in the messes of my desk

Sometimes i almost find you, the one who use red shirt and have a black brown iris.

Your shoulder seems so fragile, i can break it anytime i want to.

But when i reached you, pull you to get closer, at that time you disappear.

Splashed like a water, spread like an odor, and full the air with your spirits.

Well, I'm looking for you this time, in shiny twilight.

Hope you're hiding on that random clouds. Make a cute giggle and try to convince yourself to be quiet.

I'll find you, i promise it. We are playing hide and seek. I was the cat, and you'll be the mouse.

But after all, i just want, i will be the one who catch you, to find you, and the one, you'll see after you close your eyes.

Hi, Red. Do you hear my heartbeat?

4 komentar:

  1. (berbisik) mbk jangan bilang" ya,, saya nggak ngerti bwahaha..
    jangan bosen saya datangi.. :)

    blogwalking siangsiang

    1. thx for coming again. mas namnya sopo ya? hehe :D
      ini saya nulis grammarnya acak adul, kalo yg liat jago english bisa dimarahin nih, wkwk XD



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